LAKE FOLKS • The old man

Clip « The old man and the lake » pour le chanteur Lake Folks

‘On t’avait dis de ne pas cliquer, mais tu l’as fais !’

Visionnez « The old man and the lake », une histoire touchante sur une musique envoutante.

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Strong is the wind that makes you smile
Alone on your isle of paradise
You don’t have to say it out loud
Or to go as fast as you can
To be there is all that’s gonna make you dream tonight

Sweet is the sound of the wave
Musically crashing on the bay
You don’t need to go too close
To see all of the ghosts
All the memories of young years spent there in the night

Where are you sailing to?

You found yourself a helping hand
To share your beers and your bread
You could talk of a better world
But you were never too sure
If your world could ever be much better than that

Where are you sailing to?
Where are you sailing to?

Today’s the last of the season
How sad to put your boat back in its prison
This year’s being a bit harsh
You’ve got this feeling in your heart
That old age might finally have come to tear you apar

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